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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Not for the faint hearted

On the way to Goldcliff I called into Liswerry Pond. Now the last time I visited this dump was about six months ago, since then the anglers have done some impressive habitat management and stripped away most of the bankside vegetation. It must be said that I felt a bit uncomfortable walking around the lake as it was well populated by thirty something baseball cap wearing fishermen, and  by the number of bivouacs and disgarded Stella cans many will have been there all night. The only refuge for a few pairs of waterbirds is a mid pond collection of 45 gallon drums and used tyres.

Goldcliff by contrast was very pleasant. A singing willow warbler and a couple of flyover swallow were my first of the campaign. On the lagoons were the usually mix of waders and wildfowl including greenshank, c50 avocet, little erget, peregrine, wigeon etc etc.

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