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Saturday, 12 March 2011

What vented this?

Yes this is a bird dropping but from what species? While you're pondering your response I'd like to tell you about my trip around the glorious Cefn garn yr erw landscape this morning. An early wheatear failed to show but skylark song was widespread, other notables included a male reed bunting in song and a single grey heron. However the most pleasing sight was the return of lapwing to their breeding site on the hillside above Garn Lakes Local Nature Reserve - eights birds in total.


  1. Looks something like a 'caecal dropping' from Red Grouse or another gamebird species , although I would have expected the more common fibrous droppings to also be present.

  2. Great news about the lapwing. Coming back from Ebbw Vale last week, via Garn yr rhiw, and wondered if there were any lapwing around. I need wonder no more.


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