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Sunday, 20 March 2011


Today was the day of the chiffchaff and not much else if I'm perfectly honest. First stop was Magor Pill with nothing of significance to report other than a small party of LEARN students on a birding field visit. Things improved slightly at Magor Marsh with a cettis warbler and several small tortoiseshell butterflies.

On the way back decided on a little detour to have a look at Bulmore Lakes on the Celtic Manor pitch and putt course. Not sure on public access so had to put up with a road side view - does anyone know if there's a public right of way to the lakes? Apart from a lot of middle aged men wearing silly brightly coloured trousers I could just make out four great crested grebe, four greylag geese and about 26 Canada geese.

No sign of any toads at the moment but Newport City Council are doing their best to raise the profile of road mortality and biodiversity generally -they've even managed to get the road closed bet thats gone down well!

Finally today's chiffchaff totals were as follows:

Magor Pill -1
Magor Marsh - 6+
Christchurch Hill, Caerleon - 1
Bulmore Road, Caerleon - 3+

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