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Friday, 18 March 2011

Its a tick!

If I were a year lister, which I'm not, after yesterdays visit to the River Usk at Llanwenarth I'd be sharpening my trusty HB pencil in readiness to insert another nice neat symmetrical tick in the BTO's Long List of British Birds booklet, you know the one we all have in our Christmas stocking each year. Because yesterday produced at least three singing chiffchaff on the Usk to complement the one outside my front door. Other bird notables down by the riverside were two pair of goosander, two calling curlew, dipper and mute swan.

Away from the ornithological delights of this fine river there was a wealth of other biodiversity to warm the cockles of ones heart. Otter spraints were evident in several places accompanied by some fresh muddy footprints. There was also a smattering of wild daffodils and some lady smock just about to burst forth.The extensive areas of shingle banks were also ideal for compulsive stone turners such as myself, with some early shingle beetle activity on view including Bembidion tetracolum.

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